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How to solve the crack of office

Update: 2021-06-26 View: 2147

Causes of office wall cracks?

1. Settlement cracks: the foundation of the new house will be gradually stable in 2-5 years. After the cracks are repaired, the wall may crack due to the foundation settlement. You don't have to worry too much about it. If the cracks have little effect on the overall appearance of the house, it can be repaired after a long time after the first repair.

2. Structural cracks: structural cracks are regular and serious cracks caused by insufficient strength and stiffness of components and uncontrolled crack width. Such cracks endanger the safety of the structure and must be reinforced. Non structural cracks refer to irregular and less serious cracks caused by construction, materials, temperature and other reasons with sufficient strength and rigidity of components. Such cracks do not affect the structural safety, but will affect the normal use of buildings and the life of concrete, so they must be treated.

3. Surface latex paint cracks: if only the surface of the film cracks, with fine sandpaper will be polished off cracks, re brushing it. If the wallpaper is cracked at the joint, wet it with warm water and re brush the wallpaper adhesive.

4. Putty leveling layer crack: if the crack has penetrated into the putty layer, first use a sharp tool to expand the crack to the size of a screwdriver, fill in the caulking gypsum and polish it for leveling, paste the mesh or kraft paper and then use putty for leveling, and finally paint or paste wallpaper according to the normal process.