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Luoyang HW Import and Export CO.,LTD was founded in May, 2013.  It is a modern professional office furniture enterprise integrating R & D, production, engineering design and sales, All products of the company have been certified by the international quality management system and the international environmental management system.

Luoyang HW Import and Export CO.,LTD is committed to improving the advanced software and hardware facilities and high-tech management system construction, which provide a high degree of guarantee for the good reputation of Huwei; The most successful company team is composed of the talent structure of practical and elite type; Many advanced equipment, showing the modern enterprise personalized image; Each unique design reflects the latest technology and technical strength of Huwei.

The company's products include file cabinet, locker, school tools, desk, bookshelf, shelf, safe, movable push cabinet, book ladder and other products. With advanced technology and strong strength, the company has been widely sold to various countries and regions in Europe, America, the Middle East and Africa, and is favored by foreign users. With the first-class product quality and exquisite technical services, the users have received praise. The annual total export volume is rising, leading the industry trend, and has become a unique brand enterprise in Luoyang under the background of the shrinking international economic situation.

Luoyang HW Import and Export CO.,LTD  started from the beginning of the company adhering to the "survival by quality and development by reputation" plant management policy, constantly improve product quality, improve product varieties, meet market demand; The positioning is "high starting point, high standard and strict requirement"; The management philosophy is "high quality products, good faith service, mutual benefit and win-win, common development" as the management philosophy: "customer satisfaction is our success" as the quality policy; The enterprise spirit is "unity, pragmatism, innovation and efficiency"; With excellent management technology and service as the backing, we should take the road of brand management, constantly push forward new ideas and expand the enterprise. At the same time, it also constantly creates the corporate culture, improves the working environment to provide high-quality service for customers, and lays a solid foundation for the company's take-off tomorrow.

Luoyang HW Import and Export CO.,LTD is leading in science and technology, constantly innovating, trying to create the most potential and the highest imagination of office space. Deduce the best office culture with the most contemporary color. Based on the interests of customers, all the enterprises take customer service as the starting point, adopt the advanced international property management concept as the system, carry out rigorous, delicate, personalized and professional management and service, and eliminate all worries about business work. We will keep the highest efficiency and best interests of our customers.

We always uphold the spirit of sincere service and excellence, adhere to the creation of high-tech and humanized modern office space, provide the best office furniture for the public with excellent design concept, excellent product quality and professional and perfect service system, so that the company has gradually become a well-known brand at home and abroad. Luoyang HW Import and Export CO.,LTD . is based on honesty, with high-quality products, reasonable price and good service, and attracts customers from all over the world. All the staff of Huwei will continuously strengthen their core competence and move forward to higher planning goals with the spirit of never satisfied enterprising.

The company adheres to the principle that human resources are the first resource, and only by quantity can it be applied. Because of the ability to set the post, to use the competitive mechanism of the superior, the average and the mediocre, to stimulate the potential and creativity of the employees, to improve the growth conditions and values of talents, to measure the value of employees to the enterprise by their ability and contribution, so as to make the conduct correct, dedicated and diligent, strong business ability The excellent people with high efficiency stand out. Make people do their best and use them as much as possible.

We advocate the working concept of "health, happiness, positive and scientific". Only by being healthy and enjoying work can you get the real pleasure of life. Development is not only the combination of individual and enterprise interests, but also the shared ideals and values. This will be the energy source to promote the development and growth of the company.

Our company adheres to the service standard of "all process, all-round and high quality", takes customer satisfaction as its own responsibility. Now, in view of your actual situation, we have set up this service commitment on the basis of high standard service, so as to provide you with comprehensive and thoughtful services better. The product has strong technical force, standardized production management, perfect detection means, relying on science and technology, relying on quality, developing with reputation, and introducing an automatic and high standard production line to develop and produce office products suitable for modern high environmental protection, so as to promote the development of office culture at home and abroad. Train qualified professional marketing personnel to provide you with detailed and comprehensive consulting services; Through good communication, combined with the environment and functional requirements, corporate image and budget, we will make reasonable and comprehensive engineering supporting suggestions to you.

 Office furniture products are all controlled in accordance with national technical standards. We should strictly implement the overall quality management, constantly absorb the advanced technology experience at home and abroad, improve and improve the quality constantly, and the product quality has reached the advanced level at home and abroad.

Since the company launched into the market, with excellent design, exquisite technology, excellent quality and reasonable price and satisfactory service, we have won the green of new and old customers. The company actively expands overseas market and promotes internationalization strategy. Our products are now exported to many countries and regions overseas. And has been widely praised by foreign customers.

Our products are in the style of Chinese tradition and western modern school, carefully conceived and planned every space, displayed the unique style of modern office furniture, and provided you with all-round services such as measurement design, installation and maintenance of office furniture.

We insist on "quality first, credibility first." We are willing to work with you to create a sustainable operation together.

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