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Office Design Guide

Update: 2021-06-26 View: 1865

With the rapid development and popularization of computer and network in the middle and late 20th century, people no longer cling to fixed office time and place, and the office style has changed revolutionary, and people's working concept has also changed fundamentally. People require to work in a casual and relaxed atmosphere. In view of this humanized demand, modern office space focuses on the integration of work and life. In addition, in the overall image of the enterprise, its unique personality directly affects the behavior and behavior of each employee. The very important point of personalized office space is to show the corporate image. Based on this, I have extracted "smart materials" to cater to the current personalized office atmosphere when considering the interior decoration design of your office building, The theme of "vigorous momentum". In this case, the case is "the steel is smart", and with symbolic expression and diversified design elements, the overall style and the whole building are coordinated, fresh and atmospheric appearance design are consistent, and the enterprise temperament is integrated inside and outside, showing the visual space with profound connotation and the unique personality and characteristics of the enterprise, and permeates the characteristics of the era of mechanical manufacturing industry recovery into the whole space, It not only highlights the characteristics of Yanggang machinery manufacturing enterprises, but also contains the vigorous and vigorous development of your company with great impact