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How to maintain customized furniture

Update: 2021-06-26 View: 2264

Prevent sharp objects from scratching

Try to avoid damaging or scratching the surface of the cabinet. If the surface is slightly scratched or bruised, use a cloth dipped in the mixture of flour and lemon juice or sand oil to wipe it. After drying, wax it; If the scratch is deep and the damage is serious, it is necessary to mix the same color paint to make up the color

Check the hardware regularly

Daily inspection of the connector, found loose, please tighten in time, the regular activities of the moving parts, injection of lubricating oil maintenance. If the breakdown is caused by disassembly and assembly, inform the after-sales department in time.

Detail cleaning

Keep the cabinet door clean. There should be no debris and dust in the track to prevent heavy objects and sharp instruments from damaging the track. The dust of the track can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or a small brush, and the metal parts such as the frame and pull rod can be wiped with a dry cloth.

Use environment

Keep ventilating and drying in the use environment to avoid contacting with corrosive liquid on the surface of the cabinet, such as alcohol, gasoline, nail polish, strong acid, strong alkali liquor, etc. Do not let the furniture be exposed to direct sunlight, in order to avoid cracking deformation.